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What are the key points of plastic pallet selection in cold storage?


Plastic pallet plays a maintenance role in the transportation of goods. When it is used in cold storage under low temperature environment, its performance will change greatly compared with that under normal temperature. Therefore, the operation precautions in use are different from those in normal use. In cold storage, the surface is easy to frost or ice due to low temperature, It will be relatively slippery, so you should be very careful when carrying. If possible, you'd better take anti-skid and anti freezing measures to avoid unnecessary loss.

We suggest:

1.The material of the plastic pallet in the refrigerator must be pure raw material

There are two kinds of materials of plastic pallet: pure raw material and recycled material. Most of the pallets on the market are made of mixture, that is, some of them are made of pure raw material and some of them are made of recycled material. There is no problem in using this kind of pallet under normal temperature. However, if it is used in freezing, it will appear brittle phenomenon. It is easy to crack and damage in the process of turnover and transportation, shortening the pallet The service life of the disk increases the purchase cost of the enterprise. And the tray of pure raw material, flexibility is strong, can bear low temperature more, can bear below - 30 degrees commonly. Therefore, if pallets are to be used in cold storage, they must be made of pure raw materials.

In low temperature environment, it is suggested to use the plastic tray made of PE new material. The low temperature resistance of PE material is better than that of PP. The performance of the new material is much better than that at low temperature.

2、Cold storage plastic tray must be added with low temperature resistant additives

Because the cold storage plastic pallet is more resistant to cold and frost than the general pallet, some additives such as antifreeze and plasticizer must be added, which can prolong the service life of the pallet in the cold storage, and will not increase the cost of the pallet itself.

3、Recommended specifications for plastic pallets in refrigerators

The plastic pallets used in the cold storage are usually matched with the manual hydraulic forklift, and the mechanical forklift is rarely used. Therefore, the chuanzi series are usually used, with the dimensions of 1200 * 1000 * 150 mm, or 1100 * 1100 * 150 mm.

The above is a discussion on the key points of using plastic pallet in cold storage for your reference. In fact, it is not only pallets, but also other warehousing and logistics equipment. If they are operated in cold storage, they should also pay attention to their different performance.

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